Volunteer Schedules

Volunteer Schedules

NOTE: Please disregard during the COVID-19 restrictions.  These lists will be revised when need for these volunteer positions resumes.

Members, thank you for your willingness to serve as scheduled.  If you will not be available on the dates you are scheduled to serve, please arrange to switch with another volunteer.

Updated 3.13.2020

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Gallatin Valley SERVE Needs YOU

Gallatin Valley SERVE Needs YOU

Gallatin Valley SERVE takes place July 7-14.  Our Host Team and Homies are gearing up for the arrival of high school youth teams from across the country, and they need our help with things like:

  • praying for SERVE participants
  • supervising work sites
  • hosting a few participants for Sunday lunch
  • providing night security assistance
  • loaning box fans

Please consider how you can help and sign up today!

Follow Gallatin Valley Serve on Facebook or #gvserve for photos and other updates.

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